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December 10, 2011
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The Snow Queen by Achen089 The Snow Queen by Achen089
My take on the titular character of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale. I've mostly seen her depicted wearing coats and fur - which apart from being the look in many of my favourite illustrations with her, is also very accurate with the story, i know - but i wanted to do something different. What if she wore the clothes only to appear human enough to lure her victims? She wouldn't really need them in her frosty palace, would she? She is not human after all and she definitely doesn't feel any cold so in my version she doesn't wear much. She's only covered with ice and snow, which her skirt also turns into. Her hair dissolves into snowflakes and cold air and so does her shawl.
This turned out a little different than i had in mind but i still hope you like it. :)

Pencil, watercolours, white and silver acrylic on an A3 watercolour paper

Available as a bookmark in my Etsy shop [link] !
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the snow queen has been my favorite fairy tales for years, and i adore how you brought the title character to life!  very much how i had imagined her to be.
Rhi-Raven97 Oct 9, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
you have some truly amazing control of watercolors I can never get people's features to turn out so elegant as you can!
Very beautiful. I really adored the 'classic' style in which you drew her. It's like I'm looking at a page in a storybook.
Zyoura Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Love, love love this illustration! This is exactly how I see the Snow Queen as well. Looks human-like, but not human at all. No need for a big fur coat for warmth and icy, white complexion which indicates that she's not warm-blooded, or actually has no blood at all!

Beautiful job. :)
i love the fairytale about the snow queen
your drawing is amazing
I love that fairytale and think you did a wonderful job painting her.
Achen089 May 21, 2012   Traditional Artist
It makes me very happy to hear that, thank you. :)
3luvingGreen Mar 17, 2012  Student Interface Designer
you always handle watercolors so amazingly. I envy your talent to no end. this is really lovely. the snow and ice effects look amazing.
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